Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I would like to have a free internet calls to tell you

Hello , I want to tell you about a Free VOIP Calls , That is xalcorvoip.no-ip.biz which offers inbound call services to El Salvador through VoIp tecnology. I work for two years has been the use of this service, I feel good. Many people are beginning to use this means of communication , So I am glad to let everyone know this.
Many companies, which include Vonage, 8x8 and AT&T (CallVantage), typically provide calling inside the continent for just about any repaired fee jointly with a reduce per-minute cost for international. if you're in a location where you're unable to receivea phone call, the voip can notify you via instant message that someone is trying to reach you. With it, Make calls away from home or from your mobile phone. It's Contact List Allows you to manage your contact list, edit incoming Call Log names and assign Speed Dial codes all from your MyAccount portal.
As the offical website says��it is free for us. I decided to place a review after things improved with the new management. To prevent the above security concerns government and military organizations are using Voice over Secure IP (VoSIP), Secure Voice over IP (SVoIP), and Secure Voice over Secure IP (SVoSIP) to protect confidential and classified VoIP communications When using Mac or Linux it is possible to use VoipDiscount by just downloading the FREE Softphone of your choice!.
Well, thank you for using it.

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